Stolen Books

Stolen Books from the Teleki-Bolyai Library

In February 2012 the Mures County Library finalised the checking of the inventory of the Teleki-Bolyai Library, the process lasted more than a year. It has been found that there are 538 missing documents. These items disappeared over a period of 45 years; the last finalised checking of the inventory was made in 1967.

“There are 538 missing documents. This number represents not only books, but brochures, single sheets as well. Separated into periods based on the years of publishing we have a clearer picture: there are 17 missing items from the 16th century; 111 documents from the 17th century; 65 items from the 18th century; 50 items from the 19th century and the rest of 257 items were published after 1900” – declares Monica Avram, director of the Mures County Library.

The Mures County Police Department is conducting an investigation, and the library has been equipped with a modern anti-theft system, the methodology of service has also been made more secure.

List of stolen books:

Stolen Books Teleki Bolyai 2012




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